Children’s Center of Education and Arts”Kaleidoscope”
The questionnaire inquiry for parents
Dear parents, the Teaching Staff of children’s center of education and arts “Kaleidoscope” ask you to answer the following questions of the questionnaire. Your responses and wishes will help us to improve educational process at the center and to plan the further activities.
1. Why did you want  your child studied at our center?
Because of the  territorial approach
Because it/she likes to study  Russian
Because the knowledge of additional language is necessary for any person

2. Would like your child chose the profession connected to art?
Yes, as he / she has necessary abilities and desire.
No, training in the drama and music is necessary for it for the general development
I didn’t think of it

3. Whether it is pleasant to your child to be engaged at our  center?
I find it difficult to respond

4. In what objects is your child interested most of all  ?
music, drama, drawing and crafts, chorus, dances, languages or another

5. Whether the child tells you about what was studied by him today at center?
Yes, always tells
Tells sometimes
Never tells

6. Whether you are satisfied with the quality of teaching at center?
Yes, it is satisfied completely
It is satisfied partially
I find it difficult to respond
It isn’t satisfied at all

7. What of last actions of center you find interesting? share your  thoughts ____

8. Whether you are satisfied with mutual understanding level with teachers?
Musical development
Russian and reading

9. What in your judgment  the teacher should be?

Dear parents, next academic year our center plans to expand the activities and to open additional clubs in educational and creativity. The training in clubs will begin right after the main four lessons from 13.05 – 13.45. Payment for circles will be made in addition to that teacher who conducts a class.  The cost of the lessons in clubs will be determined closer to  the beginning of the academic year when we have the complete information about the number of pupils and will  publish on our website.
For your consideration the following clubs are offered:
1. Mathematics
2. Creative workshop (Victoria Milham). The lessons in the club are directed to the preparation for performances and participation  on the professional stages in London and the international children’s theater festivals.
3. Drawing (the teacher is not determined yet)
4. Crafts and housekeeping with elements of culinary art,  sewing, and embroidery for girls; woodwork  and works on metal for boys (Ekaterina Koshkina)

Please, choose one club as they will take place at the same time.
Make your choice, please:
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We thank you for attention! The completed questionnaire can be transferred to teachers at school or to send to e-mail: