1. The Centre welcomes every child from the age of 4.
2. Enrolment of pupils is possible at any time during the academic year.
3. The size and structure of groups are defined by the administration of the Centre and based on pupils age and the linguistic abilities.

Tuition fees

1. Payment is due on the first Saturday of a semester for all lessons in this semester.
2. Payment is made by a bank transfer to the school bank account.

3.  A one of  charge of £7.00 is made per semester for the additional materials supplied by the school  (printouts, colour paper, pencils, books, felt-tip pens, etc.).

4.  The cost per semester could vary depending on the amount of days( Saturdays) in the academic bloc. Each Saturday session  (4 lessons — 2,5 hours) costs £24.

5. A trial session costs £ 21 pounds, and it includes a preliminary test of a child`s linguistic level followed by admission to all the lessons.

6. We offer a discount for families with two or more children. Please esquire our staff for more information.

7. Tuition fees are non refundable unless in exceptional circumstances.

8. Tuition fees are a subject of review periodically.