1. The Centre welcomes every child aged from 3.
2. Enrolment of pupils to the Centre is made during all academic year.
3. The size and structure of groups are defined by administration of the Centre with real structure of pupils and interests of each pupil.


Fee for tuition:

1. Payment is due on the first Saturday of a semester forward for all Saturdays of this semester.
2. Payment is made either by cash or to the school bank account.

3. Payment has to be made till the middle of the next educational week after the first school day.
4. Once per semester charge £5.00 for the print tasks to the lessons and distributing material (color paper, pencils, felt-tip pens, etc.) is paid.

5. One Saturday cost of training for one pupil (4 lessons — 2,5 hours) makes £24.

6. Payment is made once for all lessons of a future semester.

7. Introductory lessons – are 21 pounds, one educational Saturday.

8. The following discounts work: To families which drive two or more children to school — 20% discount for the 2nd and the subsequent children.

9. The money paid for study doesn’t come back.

10. Fee for the lessons are established by Managing Committee of Centre “Kaleidoscope” and are provided at the beginning of every year. The managing committee “Kaleidoscope” has the right to change fee in connection with inflation, reduction of a number of pupils and another, not planned reasons.

11. The textbooks and other materials provided by the school aren’t included in the fee for the lessons and are additional expenses for parents.