Who’s Who

Our tutors

The pedagogical staff of the Russian Centre of Education and  Creative Art “Kaleidoscope” are professionals, whose love of children, creative approach to business and, of course, huge desire to impart  love to Russia and culture to our children, help to reach high professional results annually.

Russian and literature
Nikishchikhina Maya –


Azerbaydzhan Pedagogical University – specialty  –  the  teacher of English and Russian . After the graduation  from the University worked at the comprehensive school of the city of Tallinn, and also in the Mustamyaesky House of children’s creativity. Maya has an experience as the class teacher. In England lives since 2004. In 2007-2015 she  worked as the Director of the  Holborn branch at the Russian school “Znaniye” in London, and also she taught Russian and development of the speech for children of 8-12 years. Maya conducts Russian and Russian Literature  and also is responsible for the  planning of lessons and fulfills the  control of the quality in training. The most important thing in the work  for her is to help  the children to love  native Russian through the fairy tales, interesting stories.

Russian and development of the speech in the preparatory group
Mamatniyazova Gulmira –


with the higher education –  the Almaty State pedagogical university of Abay as a speech pathologist – the psychologist. She worked in various spheres as the social worker, the speech pathologist – the tutor, the logopedist in the center of rehabilitation and adaptation of disabled people of the Auezovsky area in Almaty. Constantly I participated in various seminars and training which are taking place in the specialty. Always with pleasure, she advised parents and young specialists. In Russian  Center of Education and Creativitе Arts “Kaleidoscope”,  Gulmira works with the youngest pupils. They have a special contact with each other – logopedic. Lessons of reading and development of the speech alternate with exercises on the correction of the pronunciation and training of the sounds. Children easily learn by the first words how to continue further in order to have the rhyme afterward.
Gulmira would like to bring the new author technics into the program of Centre “Kaleidoscope” in the development of the speech, sensory perception of elementary mathematical representation, and also musical classes in logopedics.


Milham Victoria

photo dlya schkoly

the teacher, the actress, the director – the director of children’s performances and show.
The higher education – the Belarus state theatrical and art institute as an actor of drama theater and cinema.
Belarus republican theater of the young viewer (TYV).
10 years of service at the theater, on radio and television as the actress, the TV host and the choreographer – the director.
Pedagogical activity: the head of children’s drama school at S/Sh 137, Minsk.
In 1998 I moved to Great Britain. the Actress and the director of Ifileld Barn theater and ” We love puppets”.
The teacher on a skill of the actor at private art school ” Footlights”, Mr. Crowley, Great Britain (2002-2007).
The production director of performances at enterprise professional and semi-professional theaters of Belarus and Great Britain (2002-2016).
Festivals: diplomas for the best direction, the best performance, the best female role within various international nurseries and junior theater festivals (Edinburgh 2003, 2006, “Theatrical Kufar” 2007, the Children’s Theatre Festival Karavay 2016).
the Author of numerous scenarios and plays.

Musical Development

Michaelis Irina


the Gorlovsky State Pedagogical Institute of  Foreign Languages after  N. K. Krupskaya in Donetsk region as a teacher of English and a literature. The 25 years at secondary and specialized schools in Donetsk, Kherson and Poltava areas. I worked with children aged  5 – 16 years. Experience as the class teacher. Many years I headed the KVN school team, there are victories at the regional level.
Special Music Education – Musical Department of the Kremenchuk Regional Bible College as a Head of musical services and a conductor of a church choir. The author of music to songs, the performer, the leader  of the group “Good news”.
In Great Britain since 2011. Experience as the teacher of Russian and music in the Russian House Community organization 2013 – 2015. The author of verses and songs: https://www.stihi.ru/avtor/iramar

Teaching Assistant

Tulubieva Anastasiya


The higher education –  the Institute of Management of Information Systems – ISMA – in Latvia as a Lawyer.
Diploma in the subject “Human Resource Management at the Enterprise”. Five years of work in the Finnish company Stockmann. I began as the cashier, in a year I became the assistant manager in department female and a kidswear. Human resource management, consideration of customers complaints, the organization of various actions (sale and events), the translation of documents from Latvian into Russian, duties reports  and so on, a lot of other duties.
In the Russian Center of Education and Anastasius’s duty – the chief assistant:  paste homework in a notebook, organise  printed papers of lessons in working folders,  prepare material at the beginning of work,  look after children during the break or Lunch. After the lessons  talk to parents till teachers come. The active assistant on rehearsals, all the  performances made by  the Centre.