About us

Welcome to our Children`s  Centre of Education and Arts “Kaleidoscope”

At our Centre we believe every child should achieve their personal best, make good progress and experience success.

We provide our children with a rich and stimulating curriculum that captivates and enthuses. Learning is made relevant and fun through special events, lessons and visitors. At Russian Centre of Education and Arts,  we pride ourselves on creating a safe, caring and happy atmosphere where  staff, parents and pupils work together as a team to strive for high standards of achievement and behaviour.

We aim for all children to come to school excited about the day ahead and go home happy and fulfilled at the end of that day.

 Our vision is that we will be a real help for children in the  exciting trip to the unknown world of Russian culture and language. Our mission is that each child will develop the skills, experiences and aspirations for success.

Тhe tutors of Russian Centre of Education and Arts

Irina, Gulnara, Maya, Victoria.