February 20, 2016, Children’s Centre of Education and Arts held the fantastic event: Leisure Club “Hurray, here are the Holidays!” opened its Doors for children. In the programme of the  day, there were some activities: a master class in Bakery, Craft and Drama with professionals Katya Koshkina, Oksana Rissling and Victoria Milham. Photos of the Event with […]


News for all who asked: The CHILDREN’S CENTRE OF EDUCATION AND ARTS opens the Leisure Club « Ура! У нас Каникулы!» ” Here are the Holidays! Our introductory meeting will be held during spring holidays On Saturday February20 from  12.00 до 15.00 at  Langley Green Community Centre , 1st Langley Green Scout Group, Lark Rise, Crawley, RH11 7QG